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This museum is located in the sector of Mañihueico, km 49 of the Carretera Austral, in the commune of Hualaihué. It belongs to Jaime Enrique Gallardo Vargas, a riverside carpenter recognized by the Ministry for Arts and Culture.

“Enhance the value of the legacy of what today is part of the history, culture and maker of the development of Los Lagos region: the sailboat from Chiloé. This boat was, from the 20s to the 70s, the main means of transport of island and continental Chiloé and it brought the people out of the isolation. It also showed the trade of the riverside carpenters who worked their boats with artisanal tools, which were made by ancient smiths in their forges.”

Vision: “Preserve the tradition and history of the boat from Chiloé as cultural patrimony so that new generations can know and learn this trade, both building and navigation.”