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Natural Hot Springs

Pichicolo Hot Springs

Located 7 km away from Hornopirén through Carretera Austral, these are natural hot springs inserted in an attractive wooded landscape. The Pichicolo hot springs are formed by a set of natural and rustic pools, outdoors and clad in native wood and surrounded by a lush vegetation and an evergreen forest

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Llancahué Hot Springs

Llancahué hot springs are located in the northern sector of the island of the same name. Llancahué in indigenous language means "place of plains or green stones". Llancahué is known for its hot springs, whose waters emerge at a temperature above 55 ° C. The peculiarity of this attraction is that the water springs up from the seashore and then, the whater is directed to two swimming pools.
To arrive there, a speedboat can be taken in Hornopirén which takes around 40 minutes.

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Cahuelmó Hot Springs

These hot springs, located in the Cahuelmó Fjord, with an almost null intervention of man, are a rock formation that seems to be a single large rock with various holes in which the thermal water flows. These hot springs belong to the Pumalín National Park north sector, and are surrounded by abundant flora and fauna, characteristic of the commune of Hualaihué. To arrive there, you can take a speedboat from Hornopirén which takes approximately 2 hours.

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Porcelana Hot Springs

They are located at the end of the Comau Fjord, on the west slope. The access is only by sea. These hot springs are privately owned, but you can visit them. Administratively, they are in the commune of Chaitén, but to get there you can take a boat from Hornopirén.

Marlys Sanchez
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Lago Cabrera Hot Springs

These hot springs are located near Lago Cabrera. To go there it is necessary to cross the lake in a boat. The waters of these rustic springs reach temperatures between 39 ° C and 45 ° C. and they are surrounded by an evergreen forest.

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